The Yellow Box

This product is manufactured by an Australian company called  Black Robotics it allows easy recalibration of electronic motorcycle speedometers. It can be used to correct speedometer errors caused by the gear ratio changes due to sprocket swapping.  I will provide a more detailed write-up on mating it to my GSXR1000 when I get it.

Some people have asked me inquiring about the Yellow box write-up. Looks like it is not going to happen. Here is the story:

I went to purchase it from the Black Robotics' web site and noticed a an offer for a free Yellow Box for the exchange of advertising and reviewing it on a web site. I E-Mailed Roman Black and made an offer to review it on my site. Roman E-Mailed me back saying that he liked my site and will mail me the Yellow Box after I place a link and a picture of Yellow Box on my web page. Changed my web site to include pictures and links as requested. 

This was initiated in August, for the past 4 months I repeatedly E-mailed Roman asking him if we still have a deal. He repeatedly promised to mail it out "next week", well it never happened. I am convinced that Roman and Black Robotics  never intended to ship me the yellow box and instead were scamming me for free advertising. 

At this point it is not the money thing, it never was. I will not purchase the yellow box from a dishonest company like Black Robotics.

Here are some E-mails you be the judge:

Beginning  August 2001, Road Czar wrote:

 Hello Yellow Box guys! I have a cool website where I can do a write-up on
 your product. I am also an amateur racer and can run your sticker on my race

Please let me know if you are interested.

Beginning  August 2001, Roman wrote:

Hi Glen, I like your site! If you can give our product
a simple review on your page with a link and maybe a
picture that would be great! Just let me know if this
is ok and where to send the freebie to.

We are selling a few now to GSXR1000 owners to fix
the 186mph speed and limiting, which is cool.

Beginning  August 2001, Road Czar wrote:

 Hi Roman,

 I added a link and a picture to my site. I'll do a better writer up when I
 get it.

 Thanks again!

Beginning August 2001, Roman  wrote:

Thanks! :o)
I'll send it out this week.

End of August 2001, Road Czar wrote:

 Hi Roman,

 Just wondering if you ever had a chance to send out the yellow box? I just
 want to make sure it did not get lost in the mail.


September 2001, Roman  wrote:

Hi Glen, sorry I went for a few days riding, with
the recent US vents all our airmail was stopped
for a week or so and I thought it was a good time
to go away on a riding trip. :o)

September  2001, Road Czar wrote:

 Hi Roman,

 I am not pressing. Just trying to find out if you are still willing to ship  it or if something had changed. Please let me know.


September 2001, Roman  wrote:

Hi Glen, absolutely, I am keep to ship a unit to you.

We sent some last week, by airmail which is our
usual method, just waiting now to see if the USA
end of the airmail deal is working ok. If that goes
well we have a lot more ready to send. :o)

This BS went on and on.... I guess Black Robotics have a "get as many suckers as you can to post their product" advertising strategy...