Problem solved!

Update, Shamino and the team from Asus were able to replicate the problem. In short, it was caused by out of spec displayport cables. Pin 20 was used, but should not have been connected. It was leaking voltage into the video cards.

Thanks Shamino, Raja, and Mason for helping to resolve this issue! It is so rare nowadays to get this type of attention and support from a large corporation.

Great team Asus!

2 thoughts on “Problem solved!

  1. Hi, I have an ASUS VE278Q too, and have the same flicker problem with connect through the display port. I tried 3 different brands displayport cable, and the last one seems a little bit better, but still sometimes black out for a second. Is there any recommend brand of displayport cable to use on VE278Q? Thank you.

  2. Hi, the flickering I experienced was not caused by the display port cables. It was caused by the too high of voltage going to one of my video cards. I used MSI Afterburner program to lower voltage to 1120mV which fixed my HD 6990 flickering issues. DP cables were leaking voltage into my motherboard and were causing other issues. Anyways I am using cheap DP cables from eBay.

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