Ongoing … Asus suggested either defective displayport cables or defective Asus VE278Q monitors

Asus suggested it is a DC voltage issue caused by either defective cables or defective Asus VE278Q monitors.

I respectfully disagree:

In my opinion it is not the cables for the following reasons.

All three cables or all three monitors must be bad because I was able to duplicate this issue with different variations of cables and monitors.

I also duplicated this issue connecting two displayport cables and one DVI cable and two DVI cables and one displayport cable.

Same reasoning for ASUS monitors – it is either the systemic flaw with all Asus VE278Qs or something else.

A workaround of powering of monitors during post does not work. ASUS monitors do not support hot plugging displayports. Doing so results in blank screen.

I am still hoping that Asus will still try to duplicate this in their lab…

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