Testing continued…

Removing monitor power during post does not resolve issues.

If I execute Windows soft shut down and prior to post remove the power (unplug ac) form either all or any two of three monitors then I can post and switch BIOS. It also works when I unplug any two or all display ports.

Just softly shutting down my system without unplugging or removing monitors/displayports results in the code 00 and the inability to switch BIOS issues.

I’ve also tried mixing connection types (i.e. one DVI / two display ports and two DVI / one display port) resulting in exactly the same issues.

Enabling “wake on” options in BIOS did not resolve these issues.

My monitors are ASUS VE278Q.

Same Eyefinity setup functioned perfectly with my prior Asus ASUS P6T DELUXE V2 motherboard.

What are next steps? Will it be communicated to Asus engineers?

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