Best Drivers for Crossfired HD 6990s (Quadfire)

I am running dual HD 6990s. The best drivers for me were 8.940.0.0 with included caps.

X7319 –>

Everything else both newer and older scores in the low X5000 range. Yes, I had tried every single one. the increase is evident across the board, both gaming and benchmarks.

12.1a Download

Anyone with similar setups had different experiences? Please post your results and driver versions.

Problem solved!

Update, Shamino and the team from Asus were able to replicate the problem. In short, it was caused by out of spec displayport cables. Pin 20 was used, but should not have been connected. It was leaking voltage into the video cards.

Thanks Shamino, Raja, and Mason for helping to resolve this issue! It is so rare nowadays to get this type of attention and support from a large corporation.

Great team Asus!

New Theory – displayport cables are not in spec

Apparently according to the VESA DisplayPort Standard (Version 1, Revision 1a January 11, 2008) the pin  number 20 must not have a wire. So the next thing on the list is testing and replacing of the displayport cables.

See page 196:


A 30 step program…

For those who are curious LOL

1 PC is running @4.5 GHz / Eyefinity w/3 monitors via 3 DISPLAYPORTs

2 execute windows shutdown

3 bios button does not work

4 remove one DISPLAYPORT

5 bios button does not work

6 remove second DISPLAYPORT

7 bios button now works!

8 unplug both PSUs

9 connect one of monitors via DVI

10 power both PSUs

11 bios button still works!

12 boot up @ 4.5 GHz

13 no code 00

14 execute windows shutdown

15 bios button still works!

16 repeat steps 12 – 15 – no issues!

17 execute windows shutdown

18 remove DVI

19 bios button still works!

20 plug in second DISPLAYPORT and boot up

21 no code 00

22 execute windows shutdown

23 bios button does not work

24 plug in third DISPLAYPORT and boot up

25 code 00

26 unplug and power drain

27 boot up

28 code 00

29 unplug and power drain

30 boot up

31 OC failed message

32 F1 and F10 save

33 boot up @ 4.5 GHz / 3 monitors via DISPLAYPORTs

34 🙂