After examining all the fuel maps published for 2001 GSXR1000 on the Power Commander site I chose Muzzy's. All other maps were showing negative values at WFO throttle at high RPM ranges. I believe that the reason other maps were leaned out was because air box was not pressurized during the dyno runs. 

On a relatively cool 60 degree Chicago day this map per formed very well. 

The following map is the combination of M308-006 and mellowed out ignition table published in GSXR1000 forum. The map was modified from the original by making +3 the highest advance value.

Original Muzzy with ignition  

Modified Muzzy with ignition  - slightly richer at 4,500rpm 5 and 20% throttle

Original Hindle with Ignition

Following graphs show fuel curves at different throttle positions.