PVE© (PAIR Valve Eliminator) - 2005 GSX-R1000 Graves PAIR Block-off Plates

These are my own notes and are not meant to serve as instructions or as recommendations for performing any modifications to your bike. Improper implementation will damage your wiring harness and may cause electrical fire!

Suzuki's PAIR (Pulsed Secondary Air Injection System) system is an emissions control device that pumps air into the exhaust. This helps to incinerate the unburned fuel and lower the exhaust emissions. Removing PAIR does not increase the horsepower. Main benefits are reduction of weight, minimizing popping after installing aftermarket exhaust system, and helping dynamometer operators to get better exhaust readings when creating new fuel maps.

With 2005 and newer GSXRs Suzuki upgraded mechanical PAIR valve with an electronic one controlled by the ECM. After installing Graves block-off plates and disconnecting the valve, ECM threw a C49 FI code - signaling a PAIR malfunction alert.

Below are the steps I took to fool the ECM into thinking that PAIR Valve is still connected to the wiring harness. The basic idea is to jump the empty PAIR socket with a 20 ohm resistor. After some research I decided on a 10 watt resistor. 10 watts is maybe an overkill, but I have read accounts where lesser resistors overheated, melted the OEM connector, and damaged the wiring harness. Most  pictures are clickable and are linked to the vendor supplying the parts.

I have used Graves plates, but they are not necessary to perform this mod.
1. Remove the PAIR valve and all the hoses, but keep the reed covers.
2. Cap-off the reed cover inlets
3. Cap-off the right front air box inlet. (Not the breather inlet.)
4. Deal with FI C49 code. (see below) or keep the PAIR valve plugged in.

Graves Block-off Plates

PAIR System In Place 

PAIR System Removed 

Installed Graves Block-off Plates

OEM Socket that needs to be jumped.

Electronic PAIR Valve

Since I could not locate the source for OEM plugs I decided make one out off ... drum roll please... my kid's Sculpey clay. This stuff is some sort of polymer that is surprisingly strong and plastic-like after it is baked in the oven for 20 minutes at 275F.

Raw untrimmed and unbaked state.

Finished State.

20 ohm / 10 watt resistor from Ameritron.

Some heat-shrink tubing.

Finished product which I dubbed the PVE© - PAIR Valve Eliminator. ;)