2005 GSX-R1000 ACTIVE Billet 1/6 Throttle Body

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 As part of installing Graves clip-ons I had to remove a locator pin on the stock throttle body. This resulted in throttle assembly sometimes shifting under aggressive use.  I decided to go with Active billet throttle because of it's slim design that allows to position the switch gear and the brake lever close to each other for proper control ergonomics. Since the engine start and stop switches are integrated into K5's throttle assembly I also had to purchase a separate switch assembly.  All Active components are of topnotch quality. My only complaint was the cables, they are about 1cm too short making lock to lock adjustment difficult and prone to binding. 

Using 1/6 throttle on the street took a little adjustment. During the first ride I stalled the bike a couple of times, but got used to it pretty fast. Once on the way I noticed improvement in both comfort and aggressive riding. Acceleration requires much less wrist movement. Also,  blipping  the throttle for aggressive downshifts is now much easier.


Installation Instructions and Diagrams

After much experimentation these are the only positions (circled) that allowed full idle to WFO throttle range and free cable play.